AD Black Line Titanium Coated Pro Surgical Kit


This kit was put together in order to allow practitioners to have an organized system to deal with simple to advanced dental implant procedures. The instruments have been specifically chosen to assist and allow practitioners to perform micro-surgical soft tissue surgery and trouble-free tissue management in aesthetic zones.

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Super Long probe (osteotomy site probe) – Very rarely do we gain access to a very long probe – it’s thick and blunt at the end. This is used to check the osteotomy site and fresh extraction sockets. It’s ideal to feel the anatomy of a socket for immediate implant placement and when creating osteotomies near the sinus or nasal floors to check for perforation. It is also ready for finding potential buccal or palatal dehiscences.

Mirror – For an accurate site inspection, this has a thicker handle for less hand fatigue and anti-fog mirrors for site visualisation.

Round scalpel handle for the 15/15c blade – The ergonomic round handle allows for the precise grip of the instrument for an accurate incision. The 15 and 15c blades are the most used by dentists and oral surgeons and can be used to cut a wide variety of flaps. Most scalpel handles are flat and feel unnatural in the hand, this round handle feels much more natural and easy to use.

Micro scalpel handle – Micro scalpel handle for the sm69 blade, the micro-scalpel handle allows insertion of multi-sided mini-blades for more intricate flap designs. Flaps that involve a continuous incision such as envelopes, split thickness flaps and remote palatal flaps are beautifully contoured in one smooth movement with this wonderful instrument.

Molt – An elevator that has many different uses, can be used to elevate papillae and undermine the flap, and is often used by oral surgeons. This has a sharper end for elevating papillae and a spoon shaped end for elevating the mucosa. This is the go-to instrument for many extractions as it is easy to use and not as technique-sensitive as the other elevators.

Mitchells trimmer – For removal of spicules of bone, loose bone and thorough debridement of the socket. The instrument is sharp allowing for adequate removal whilst leaving sound bone behind.

Buser style periosteal elevator – Buser style periosteal elevator has a mini arrowhead tip for the elevation of papillae and a spoon-shaped tip for the elevation of flap and undermining of tissue. This is a great instrument for intricate flaps where the mucosa may be thin and you need accurate control in order to avoid tearing.

Scissors – An extra sharp pair of scissors for a simple action, in conjunction with the non-toothed forceps it makes it very easy to remove intra oral non-resorbable sutures.

Crile wood suture holders – A needle holder, also called needle driver, is a surgical instrument, similar to a hemostat, used by doctors and surgeons to hold a suturing needle for closing wounds during suturing and surgical procedures.

Fine closed loop Suture holders – These are no ordinary sutures holders, they are designed to make suturing faster more efficient and increase tactile feedback, as well as fine motor movements during surgical procedures. Closed loop means the ends of the suture holders will stay open about 3-4mm and closure will lock them. Once surgeons master the skill of using these, they will quickly understand how efficient the holders are.

The Mini Rongeurs – This is an invaluable hard tissue instrument that works to collect bony spicules. It is invaluable when removing bone from a sharp ridge and socket smoothing. Once the bone is removed it can be repacked where required. It also doubles up as an extraction forceps when required for that last bit of tooth and due to the narrow beaks, it works very well.

Tissue forceps long – This is no ordinary tissue forceps; it is longer than average forceps with a gentle toothed connection at the end. Fine movement of tissue is allowable with this with more dexterous handling of tissue when compared to standard tissue forceps. Once you use this you will not be able to live without one in each kit. It also is ideal for handling bio guide membranes when wet and will not tear them.

Periosteal elevators – A simple selection of periosteal elevators is included to provide enough for every scenario possible of tissue elevation; thick-handled for more dexterous handling of tissue.

Retractor + Periosteal elevator – Both the incorporation of an elevator and retractor is a tool that quickly becomes second nature in order to elevate the soft tissue then retract the tissue negating the need to swap out instruments. This, in turn, reduces operatory fatigue.

Long Angled Curette – This is an invaluable tool to debride sockets and granulation tissue. The angulation has been specifically chosen to access difficult areas of the mouth, making surgical access far easier than conventional surgical elevators.


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