WX Blue Line Titanium Coated Surgical Kit


WX kit has a set of instruments that a general dentist, oral surgeon and implant surgeon could use in order to perform the majority of dentoalveolar surgery procedures. The kit is good for surgeons starting on their dental pathway and is simple to use for both surgeons and easy to assemble for the nursing staff.

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Explorer probe – for examining mucosa and bone, a standard explorer probe is an invaluable tool to check the effectiveness of anaesthesia and the continuity of the buccal wall after extractions for immediate implants. UNC15 probe – for accurate 1mm distance measurements. Most probes in kits are inaccurate and are useless for measuring distances in sockets and between teeth. This probe allows you to accurately mark out the position of the sites for implant placement. Mirror for accurate site inspection – this has a thicker handle for less hand fatigue and anti-fog mirrors for site visualisation. Round scalpel handle for the 15/15c blade – the ergonomic round handle allows for the precise grip of the instrument for the accurate incision. The 15 and 15c blades are the most used by dentists and oral surgeons and can be used to cut a wide variety of flaps. Most scalpel handles are flat and feel unnatural in the hand; this round handle feels much more natural and easy to use. Micro scalpel handle for the sm69 blade – the micro-scalpel handle allows insertion of multi-sided mini blades for more intricate flap designs. Flaps that involve a continuous incision such as envelopes, split thickness flaps and remote palatal flaps are beautifully contoured in one smooth movement with this wonderful instrument. Buser style periosteal elevator – this has a mini arrowhead tip for the elevation of papillae and a spoon-shaped tip for the elevation of flap and undermining of tissue. This is a great instrument for intricate flaps where the mucosa may be thin and you need accurate control in order to avoid tearing. Molt – an elevator that has many different uses, can be used to elevate papillae and undermine the flap, and is often used by oral surgeons. This has a sharper end for elevating papillae and a spoon shaped end for elevating the mucosa. This is the go-to instrument for many extractions as it is easy to use and not as technique sensitive as the other elevators. Zingheim – this fantastic instrument allows for elevation of crestal flaps and flaps along the ascending ramus for extraction of wisdom teeth. This is an instrument that is rarely found in kits, but once you start using it, you won’t want to use anything else. The club shape end is sharp at its tip but has a broad flat end for elevating the flap. Curved raspatory – a favourite of mine, used to elevate full thickness mucoperiosteal flaps in the palate, this allows for simple and atraumatic elevation of remote periosteal flaps. This allows great visualisation of the site for implant placement. The atraumatic nature of the instrument allows easy replacement and suturing of the flap after implant placement. Lucas curette – for debridement of sockets and curved for hard-to-reach areas. The instrument has a long reach for difficult to access areas. Straight excavator – for cleaning sockets on anterior teeth, to prevent any pathogenic soft tissue being left behind. Removal of this soft tissue is ideal for good healing and integration of implants. Mitchells trimmer – for removal of spicules of bone, loose bone and thorough debridement of the socket. The instrument is sharp allowing for adequate removal whilst leaving sound bone behind. Toothed forceps – for simple retention of tissue for suturing and advancement these forceps will allow you to maintain tension on the flap to allow for good accommodation after suture placement. Non-Toothed forceps – for suture removal, these forceps can easily retain and elongate sutures for removal. The wider beak allows you to easily grab sutures making painless removal a breeze. Scissors – extra sharp for a simple action. In conjunction with the non-toothed forceps, it makes it very easy to remove intra oral non-resorbable sutures. 2x Crile wood suture holders – I put 2 of these instruments in order to allow 2 surgeons to pass the suture needle to each other in difficult to access areas. This allows for much quicker suturing and flap closure.


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